Our first SoupGrant event!

Last night we held our very first SoupGrant event at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lansing, Michigan! We offered two delicious soup options as a free meal open to the public. Last nights choices were Creamy Potato and Vegan Black Bean soup. They were both a hit! We had two proposals at last nights event. One was for Free Season Farm, a start up permaculture farm that is striving to provide affordable produce and plants for the Lansing community. The second proposal was for the Prescription for Health Program which is a partnership between NorthWest Initiative and Sparrow Hospital that allows doctors to provide their patients with coupons to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at local farmers markets. This program aims to promote nutrition education, healthy behaviors and local food systems and was inspired by the current Washtenaw County model.

The winning proposal was the Prescription for Health proposal by Kim Rustem. Congratulations Kim! Thank you for participating in SoupGrant!

For those of you who were unable to make it, we look forward to seeing you next time! Be sure to fill out a proposal form before our next event on August 8th! And don’t forget to tell your friends or family who might be interested!

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