What is Soup Grant?

SoupGrant Lansing is a community based project organized by the Food Systems Project at NorthWest Initiative.This project works to fund micro-grants in our community and bring people together for a healthy and delicious soup and bread meal. This will be a monthly event open to the community! It will feature a pot luck style dinner, and attendees should bring their own bowl, spoon, napkin and beverage. A donation of $5 is suggested to support the micro-grant program.

Each SoupGrant dinner features a presentation of 3 creative grant proposals. Every dinner guest who donates $5 can vote for the proposal they would like to see funded. Those donations become the grant that is awarded to the winning project that very same night!

SoupGrant Lansing will be held monthly on the second Thursday of each month. This site will provide details regarding event times, locations, and guest chefs! it will also keep you up to date on upcoming proposals slated for a vote, and recently funded ideas!

If you are interested in completing an application for a micro-grant please contact Heather Borden at: heather@nwlansing.org or call our office at (517) 999-2894.

We look forward to sharing dinner and ideas with you!

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