What’s SGL?

What is SoupGrant Lansing?

We exist for two very simple reasons:

  • To feed you delicious & healthy soup
  • And to help fund creative, community-oriented projects in the Lansing community through micro-grants

What do we do?

Each SGL dinner features a presentation of three creative grant proposals. Every dinner guest who donates $5 can vote for the proposal they would like to see funded. Those donations become the grant that is awarded to the winning project that very same night!

How does it work?

SoupGrant Lansing is very simple! Show up for a tasty soup dinner, bring a $5 donation, and VOTE! Once dinner is over, speakers will present their projects, then it’s up to you to choose which one sounds best.

What should I bring?

A $5 donation is suggested so that we can support great projects throughout our community. Attendees should also bring their own bowl, spoon, napkin and beverage. Water will also be provided.

What sort of work do we support?

Past winners include:

  • The Prescription for Health Program which is a partnership between NorthWest Initiative and Sparrow Hospital. The Prescription for Health Program allows doctors to provide patients with coupons to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at local farmers markets. This program aims to promote nutrition education, healthy behaviors and local food systems and was inspired by the current Washtenaw County model.

When is it?

SoupGrant Lansing is the second Thursday of every month. (Our next one is scheduled for November 14!)

Who can apply for a micro-grant?

Anyone can apply to present their ideas for a micro-grant! Fill out this application!

How can I get involved?

For more information about applying for a micro-grant or other ways to get involved, contact Heather Borden at heather@nwlansing.org or (517) 999-2894.

Friend us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter!

We look forward to sharing dinner and ideas with you!

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