Next SOUP is Feb 20

We’re looking forward to another great SOUP in February!

We’ve already have our first application in – so be sure to fill yours out ASAP if you would like to apply for a micro-grant!

And we’ll also have two of our Soup Grant regulars reporting back to us on their backpack kit project! If you have anything you would like to donate, check out the YouTube video for easy ideas like toilet paper, granola bars, gently-used backpacks, etc. All donations can be brought the night of the 20th! If you would like to drop something off sooner, please leave a comment below.

Finally, a brief word on our Logo/Poster Makeover Contest. We have had a lot of interest already after announcing the project two weeks ago. We already have five entries in, so, if you’re interested in competing, get that entry in soon! Our Indiegogo campaign, which will be used in part to fund the $100 prize for the contest, is still going strong, too! We’ve raised $160 so far. As an added incentive, if you donate $25 or more, we’ll give you some of Chef Terry’s delicious soup as a way of saying thanks! Get out the word, everyone, and see you February 20!

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3 thoughts on “Next SOUP is Feb 20

  1. I think one of the winners from soup grant lansng was a book box udea/littlw library. Still intwrstwd n connecting with that peraon and/or anyone at NWI who might help develop comic boxes with Monica or other “specialty boxes” that might interest our neighbors. Looking forward to hearing from you. MC

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