Feb 20 Presenters

We have three presenters lined up for Feb 20 #SoupGrant!

1. First up is Mid-Mitten Homemade, a new organization “that provides food skills and knowledge through hands-on practice.” MMH aims to bring knowledge and skills to the community through hands-on classes and by bringing talented people in to share their expertise.

How will MMH use the money if they win?

MMH provided us four goals they hope to achieve:

-Complete 501c non-profit status and begin hands-on cooking classes.
-Work with refuge services to help hone skills to share with the community.
-Work with immigrants to help bring their skills to Mid-Michigan.
-Begin a scholarship program for those unable to afford class fees.

2. Advent House, a long-time staple in the Lansing community, offers assistance for those wrestling with homelessness and poverty by providing “food, shelter, education, and employment assistance.”

How will Advent House use the money if they win?

If AH wins the micro-grant, they will use the money to support an Easter Holiday Celebration. More specifically, the money will go towards “food, crafts, and prizes… for our children’s programming offered on weekends during our Weekend Day Shelter Program.” The Weekend Day Shelter Program is one-of-a-kind in the Lansing area, since they are the only organization to offer three meals a day and “a safe place for at-risk individuals and families” every single weekend throughout the year.

3. Grammies Goodies is a regular over at Bath Township Farmers Market since August of 2013! This Grammie to seven – soon to be eight, we’re told – bakes bread, cakes, cookies, pies, sweet breads and more! While she has been doing this on the side for a while, Linette (aka Grammie), would like to go into baking full-time and open her own bakery/restaurant!

How will Grammies Goodies use the money if they win?

Grammie says, “The money will be used for equipment like pans, mixer bowls and beaters, plus the rental of a licensed kitchen.” As already mentioned, Grammie hopes to open her own bakery where she will serve sandwiches made on homemade bread, soups in homemade bread bowls and, of course, homemade desserts.

That’s just a preview! You’ll be sure to hear a lot more from our presenters next Thursday, Feb. 20, so join us at Grace Lutheran ELCA 6.30 – 8.30!

$5 donation at the door to go towards the micro-grant. Bring your own bowl & spoon! And, while you’re at it, bring a friend!

See you next week, Lansing!

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