1st Annual Birthday Soup

Announcing our 1st Annual Birthday Soup!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already been a year since our very first Soup! Grace Lutheran has been a gracious host this past year and we continue to meet there every 3rd Thursday from 6.30 to 8.30 pm.

Here are just a few highlights from SGL’s first year:

  • We’ve raised over $1,000 for a diverse range of community-based projects in the Greater Lansing area.
  • We raised $300 to support our ongoing efforts and sponsor a logo redesign contest.
  • Heather and Joel spoke with Mark Bashore on WKAR’s Current State back in February, sharing our vision and hopes for SGL and the Lansing community.
  • SGL partnered with Advent House to help distribute backpacks to homeless folks in Lansing thanks to our attendees’ donations.

In August, we’re going to celebrate the past year’s success with our 1st Annual Birthday Soup! As we do every month, we’ll feature three community projects to be voted on by our attendees. This dinner will be special in that we’re inviting past winners to participate a second time around, expediting the process for them and allowing them a chance to win more money to further their work!

We had three past winners respond expressing their interest in competing:

  1. Aliza and the Little Free Libraries
  2. D.A.N.C.E.
  3. Terra and the Food Systems Project


While winners are not obligated to present the exact same project, their presentations will be related to their past work and this second SoupGrant will help them as they continue striving to make a difference in the community!

Check back on our website, Twitter, or Facebook for the latest and see you August 21!


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