June 18 SoupGrant

After coming in a close second to the Refugee Development Center in May, Woody from Compost Katie will be back Thursday, June 18 to share his new project with another crowd at SoupGrant.

(Take a quick look here for a preview of Compost Katie.)

Woody from Compost Katie.
Woody from Compost Katie.

compost-katie-flyerOur second presentation this month comes from Edgewood Village Network.

Here’s a quick look at their proposal:

Our project aims to increase the quality of programs offered to “Tower Residents” by improving access to technology, specifically an updated television set for the use of recreational programs that encourage wellness. Residents currently participate in a variety of programs at home that include:

  • Wii Fit, where residents play Wii games that help keep them active and engaged.
  • Movie Tuesday, hosted by a Tower Resident, residents enjoy an afternoon movie, popcorn, and a shared experience.
  • Brain Gym, DVDs have been used to help facilitate this group.

Why is this project important? How does it benefit the Lansing community?

The project is important because it will make a difference to the residents that participate in “Tower Programs” by providing reliable, up-to-date technology that will be utilized on a regular bases by our residents. We feel it would boost participation in programs, and a sense of pride and ownership in the community. We also feel that residents living in the Tower would greatly appreciate being able to more easily use the television for resident run events and it would improve the overall quality of life for our residents. A new television would also allow Edgewood to save money by utilizing the Netflix account used in The Village Network Center.

Edgewood Village Network of Meridian Township.
Edgewood Village Network of Meridian Township.

For all the latest info on our June 18 SoupGrant, join the Facebook event page.

What? SoupGrant
Where? Grace Lutheran ELCA (528 N MLK, Lansing)
Why? To raise money for a micro-grant (a “SoupGrant”) to fund community projects around Lansing.
When? Doors at 6.30. Proposals at 7.10. Winner announced at 7.45.
What should I bring? $5, a bowl, and a friend!

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