Meet Our Presenters for the October SoupGrant Event!

Pure Performance Dance Studio

Pure Performance Arts

Pure Performance is a new performing arts studio in Lansing that is committed to providing quality performance training, promoting artistic expression, inspiring and enhancing the lives of its students. The studio prides itself on providing an affordable dance education to community members age 6 and up and encouraging people to be comfortable with themselves while exploring a new activity. The studio lives by the motto, “Start Where You Are. Use What You Have. Do What You Can”. If Pure Performance Dance Studio won the October SoupGrant, they would use the money for materials and competitive fees for the group. For more info on Pure Performance, please visit:

Helping Women Period

Helping Women Period is a non-profit organization that partners with various charities around Lansing to provide pads and tampons for low income and homeless women. The founders started Helping Women Period after reading an article about the lack of access to pads and tampons for homeless women and the realization that this basic need was not provided for by governmental assistance programs. They strongly believe that every woman deserves to not worry about her period and how it will affect her daily life. If Helping Women Period won the October SoupGrant, they would use the money to further boost their distribution of pads and tampons to those in need in the Greater Lansing Area. For more info on Helping Women Period, please visit:

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