Meet Our Presenters for the February SoupGrant Event!

Lansing Women’s Soccer Meetup


Lansing Women’s Soccer Meetup provides a forum for women in the community to connect with other women who like to play or want to learn to play soccer. The group allows women from all walks of life to come together, learn, and enjoy some exercise in a fun way. Lansing Women’s Soccer Meetup is seeking funds to cover the meetup fees so that community members are free to join at no cost. For more info on Lansing Women’s Soccer Meetup, please visit:



Voiceless-MI offers a voucher program for low income families who cannot afford to get their pets fixed. The program asks clients what they feel they can afford and then subsidizes the remainder. Since inception in 2009, Voiceless-MI has assisted approximately 4,375 dogs and cats. If Voiceless-MI wins this month’s SoupGrant, they will use the funding to continue their work making sure pet owners can afford spay and neuter surgeries that they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. For more info on Voiceless-MI, please visit:



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