Meet Our Presenters for the March SoupGrant Event!

Break the Chain

break the chain.jpg

Break the Chain is a documentary film focusing on human trafficking within Michigan. Human trafficking is often viewed as occurring solely on an international level; however, the film was created to draw attention to the prevalence of both labor and sex trafficking on local levels. The Human Trafficking Taskforce, nonprofits, and local shelters will use the film to spread awareness and educate the public about the cause. If Break the Chain won the March SoupGrant, the documentary team would use the money to cover a theater rental to premiere the film, as well as the travel expenses accumulated during shooting. To learn more about Break the Chain, please visit–6#/.

Children’s Hospital Pillow Project


The Children’s Hospital Pillow Project is a volunteer project that sews homemade positioning pillows for chronically ill and recovering children in Michigan children’s hospitals. Run through the Olivia Kay Foundation, the Pillow Project aims to improve the quality of life for children with severe impairments and illnesses. The pillows created through the project provide joy and comfort to bedridden children while simultaneously accommodating ventilator tubing and providing support. If the Pillow Project won this month’s SoupGrant, the organization would use the money to purchase more fabric and supplies to continue supplying more hospitals on a monthly basis. For more information on the Pillow Project and the Olivia Kay Foundation, please visit

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