Meet Our Presenters for the April SoupGrant!

Ingham County Animal Control Outreach

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 9.25.31 PM

The Ingham County Animal Control Outreach Center aims to provide assistance to the pet owners of Ingham County by providing them with various resources to help out with the costs and responsibilities of pet ownership. The center runs a food bank program that provides people in need with dry dog or cat food; additionally, they hold low-cost vaccination and licensing clinics, provide information on spay/neuter programs, and have a wide variety of low-cost pet supplies. If the Ingham County Animal Control Outreach Center wins the April SoupGrant, they will utilize the funds to purchase shelving and supplies for their food bank program. For more information on the Ingham County Animal Control Outreach Center, please visit their website here.

Break the Chain

break the chain

Our March runner-up, Break the Chain, is returning for a second chance at a grant! Break the Chain is a documentary film focusing on human trafficking within Michigan. Human trafficking is often viewed as occurring solely on an international level; however, the film was created to draw attention to the prevalence of both labor and sex trafficking on local levels. The Human Trafficking Taskforce, nonprofits, and local shelters will use the film to spread awareness and educate the public about the cause. If Break the Chain wins the April SoupGrant, the documentary team will use the money to cover a theater rental to premiere the film, as well as the travel expenses accumulated during shooting. To learn more about Break the Chain, please visit their website here.

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