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Teens LOL TV Wins September SoupGrant

Teens LOL TV won tonight’s SoupGrant competition, taking home $165 help bolster funding for their TV show and teen mentoring program here in Lansing.

The grant is the second-largest we’ve awarded, and we’re very pleased to see it go to such a worthy cause!

We also have to say a huge thank you to Yvonne from Go Green Trikes for returning to present a second time and for her total commitment to the Lansing community.

Although she didn’t win tonight, we do want to share this message that Yvonne posted to her Facebook page this evening:

Well, Go Green Trikes, LLC didn’t win the Soup Grant Lansing pot tonight, but we got the word out about our RACK program to a whole new group of people, and that’s more important in my book.

One neat story from tonight: After the vote (up against a teen group, and many of their extended family and church friends were in the audience), someone from one of the teen’s families came over and made sure I knew why and her family had to vote the way they did. It turns out, though, that she got to see one of my trikes in action during the Fourth of July parade and she finished her chat with me by saying something like she knew I had a good heart and that my reward would be coming. The very next person to come talk to me said something like, “I just lost a cycling friend, and I want to make a donation to your RACK program in her honor.” Talk about fast-acting rewards!

So moved and touched by this. I’d already signed up to be part of a ride in her friend’s honor.

This is what SoupGrant Lansing is all about. We couldn’t be more pleased to hear that Yvonne’s RACK (Random Acts of Community Kindness) program received this donation and we can’t wait to hear more from Go Green Trikes in the future as Yvonne finishes a terrific first year of business here in Lansing.

We also made our HUGE announcement to our Soup Family last night that we will be partnering with Detroit SOUP, Flint SOUP, and GR’s Sunday SOUP to present at NASW’s LEAD (Legislative, Education, & Advocacy Day) in Lansing at the end of October! This is an incredible opportunity to share the SOUP model with hundreds of social work students from across Michigan. We’re honored to be presenting alongside some real experts who have been a part of the SOUP movement for years now, and we hope to learn a lot from them, too!

Finally, Joel talked about running the Detroit Marathon in a month and how he’s using this as a platform to raise money for SoupGrant! Thank you to last night’s attendees for chipping in $20! Want to help keep SoupGrant going? Check out our Indiegogo page!

Check out some photos from tonight:

Soup line 1

Soup 1


Yvonne 3
Yvonne telling the crowd about Go Green Trikes.
Heather talking to the crowd as we get ready to hear from our presenters.
Heather talking to the crowd as we get ready to hear from our presenters.

Crowd 3

Crowd 2

Crowd 1

Adam explaining Teens LOL TV to the crowd.
Adam explaining Teens LOL TV to the crowd.

Adam 3

Adam 2

Heather presenting Teens LOL TV with the SoupGrant - and making a guest appearance on LOL TV!
Heather presenting Teens LOL TV with the SoupGrant – and making a guest appearance on LOL TV!

Again, congrats to Teens LOL TV! Could your idea be next? Our next dinner is October 16. Applications due October 10.

Back for More: Go Green Trikes

SoupGrant is excited to welcome Go Green Trikes back this month! We wanted to share a couple photos from Yvonne with you to give you a better idea of what this green, bike-powered delivery service looks like in action!

From GGT’s Facebook: “This is a 6-foot long by 2-foot wide crate holding the makings of a 10x10x6 kennel with 12-gauge fencing. It took two men at the Tractor Supply on W Grand River to lift it off the trike!”

What is Go Green Trikes?

GGT: We’re a “green” delivery service that uses heavy duty electric-assist tricycles and bikes that are capable of hauling up to 600 pound payloads.

From GGT’s Facebook: “Neat idea! Someone hired me today to help them with a store return since the item wouldn’t easily fit in/on their vehicle.”

Why are you applying for a SoupGrant?

We want to establish a fund whereby non-profits and other local community groups can better afford our services so we can help them help others.

Go Green Trikes delivers anywhere in the shaded area and operates from April – November.

How will you use the money you raise from your SoupGrant?

The funds will be used to wholly or partially offset delivery costs so non-profits can take advantage of our services. So far, the Homeless Angels and Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council have both expressed interest. Others that we plan to invite once a fund is established are the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing, the Allen Neighborhood Center, and the Greater Lansing Food Bank.


Why is this project important?

Go Green Trikes, LLC operates under a “triple bottom line”. While we’re in business to make a profit, people and the planet are important to us as well. We’ve noticed that several local non-profits LOVE the idea of utilizing greener transport alternatives, it may be an undue hardship for them to do so.


Yvonne will be back with us for SoupGrant on September 18! For more info and to RSVP, check out our Facebook event page.


*All photos courtesy of Go Green Trikes’s Facebook.