SoupGrant Lansing is always looking for ways to involve more members of the Lansing community! If you would like to get involved with SoupGrant and help us put on our monthly dinners, check out some of the ways we could use your help below.


Photographer. We are seeking someone who wouldn’t mind lending their talent and time once a month every third Thursday for a 1-2 hour chunk to document our dinners.

Put up a poster! Does your place of work or worship have a bulletin board? Print out a poster and put it up for us! Need a poster? Download one here or let us know and we’ll make sure you get as many as you need!

Videographer. We would love to have someone join us and come film one of our SoupGrant dinners. We think that this would be a great asset to building our web presence and creating a more compelling representation of what we do.

Donate canned beans or veggies. Our Soup Master, Chef Terry, could use whatever unwanted goods you’ve got stashed away in your pantry to work some magic and make delicious soup for our monthly dinners.

Do you speak Spanish? We would love to be able to have some of our web content translated so that we can reach more people!

Are you crafty? Do you like taking scrap material and making something new out of it? We could use some improved signage for SoupGrant that will help attract people on the street – so something durable, bright, and weather resistant is a must.


Propose an idea for a micro-grant! You don’t have to be an organization or a 501c3 to make a proposal! Ideas big and small are all welcome as long as they are about making the Lansing community a better place for people to live, work, learn, and enjoy.

Not sure that anything here suits your passion and abilities but want to get involved? Let’s talk! E-mail us at or come talk to us at our events! We meet every 3rd Thursday and we would love to meet you!

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