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Lansing Soccer Club Wins December SoupGrant

Nothing says “it’s the holiday season” like a room full of friends gathered together to share a meal!

We would like to send a big thank you to our Soup Family across Lansing who joined us for a great SoupGrant on December 18. The basement was packed! Normally people start trickling in when the doors open around 6.30. This month we had a line at the door at 6.30 to hear from our two presenters: Cuts and Convos and Lansing Soccer Club.

Bruce from Lansing Soccer Club
Bruce from Lansing Soccer Club

Bruce shared a little about Lansing Soccer Club and their work in the city of Lansing providing “high quality soccer for Lansing’s under-served youth at the lowest cost possible.” LSC endeavors to make soccer accessible to kids through providing scholarships. Working with limited resources, LSC came to us seeking money to repair fields in need of maintenance work.

We also had Jonathan from Cuts and Convos present this brand new, truly unique organization. Cuts and Convos serves some of the most vulnerable and most in-need in the Lansing community by providing haircuts to homeless folks. As Jonathan says, “When you look good, you feel good.” But it’s more than just a haircut. As a law student, Jonathan also looks to disseminate legal advice on topics such as interacting with the police and housing.

Jonathan talking about Cuts and Convos
Jonathan talking about Cuts and Convos

SoupGrant looks to foster relationships throughout the community and we can’t tell you how excited we were to have an up-and-coming organization like Cuts and Convos join us. We had two or three folks raise their hand during Jonathan’s presentation to let him know about different resources and organizations in Lansing that might be interested in partnering with him.

This is really the heart of SoupGrant. Even though Jonathan and Cuts and Convos didn’t win the final vote (by a mere three votes!), you, our Soup Family, helped connect him with other great folks in Lansing.

We are excited to have Cuts and Convos join us again in January where they will face off with Origami, another great group out of Mason that we’ll be featuring on here next week!

Finally, hats off to Lansing Soccer Club on taking home our second largest SoupGrant ever! You helped us raise $220 to purchase equipment and supplies to repair their fields such as grass seed, soil, sand, paint, and tools. The work will all be done by volunteers. We love LSC’s work bringing together folks from across the city in the name of sport. We’re very excited about what you’ll be able to do with this money and hope to continue supporting this fine work in the future!

See you January 15 for our next SoupGrant!

Stay awesome, Lansing.

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Holiday SOUP is here!

Join us Thursday for Holiday #SOUP.

We’ll be meeting at our normal place – Grace Lutheran ELCA on MLK blvd @ 6.30.

We have two great proposals for you:

1) The MLK Jr. Community Blood Drive which is focused on providing much needed services to the African-American community in Lansing. The MLK Jr. Community Blood Drive hopes to get at least 50 folks out on MLK Jr. Day on Jan. 20 to give blood.

2) Our second initiative is aiming to help provide low-income Lansing residents obtain supplements and vitamins that aren’t covered by insurance.

Join us Thursday Dec. 19 for our SOUP. Bring friends. Make friends. Support your community this holiday season.

$5 at the door. See you there!!!

Dec 19 SOUP only a couple weeks away!

December’s already here and our next SOUP is only 17 days away!

We still need volunteers! Here are some ways for you to get involved:

  • Put up posters! Hang one or a hundred.
  • Designers, we could use a new SoupGrant logo. We can’t compensate you monetarily, but we’ll be more than pleased to link to your website and promote your work as a small token of our thanks.
  • Donate food! Our dinner is volunteer-made. Terry makes some delicious soup, but can’t make it out of nothing!

Let us know if you’d like to get involved with SGL! Leave a comment below. We’d love to have you.


See you December 19!

Next Soup Grant Dec. 19!

We had a great Soup Grant on Thursday night this week. Not only did we have some great soup – butternut squash, beef barley, and creamy potato with kale, we also donated $55 to the NorthWest Initiative. Volunteers who deliver food to people’s homes in the area will be able to get some help with gas money.

Nov 14

We hope that you’ll make it out to our next SOUP on Dec. 19!

In the meanwhile, we’re looking for folks who would like to apply for a micro-grant! Do you know of a church or organization doing good work in the community that could use funding to help go the extra mile in  meeting the needs of the community? With the holiday season upon us, we know a lot of folks will be struggling more than usual to make ends meet.

Our concept is simple. You fill out the application for a micro-grant. We select three applicants to present their ideas to our diners. Diners’ $5 donation funds the micro-grant and is then awarded based on who gets the most votes at the end of the night.

We can’t wait to see you Dec. 19! In the meanwhile, fill out those applications!