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Voting in the SGL logo contest

Have you enjoyed the submissions to the SGL logo redesign contest?

We can’t say a big enough thank you to all of the talented designers for sharing their artwork with us and sharing our vision for the Lansing community.

Now, at long last, the time has come to pick a winner.

Voting will take place at SoupGrant – as always, the 3rd Thursday of the month – at Grace Lutheran ELCA at 6.30.

A little info on SoupGrant for the uninitiated…

The night of SoupGrant, two – three people present their community-based ideas to us while we enjoy a delicious soup dinner; after the presentations are through, we vote on our favorite.

We’ve had diverse presentations since we began in the summer of 2013: We’ve raised money for “Little Free Libraries” (which will be coming to fruition this spring), the Bath Township Farmers’ Market, vitamins and supplements for low-income Lansing residents, and, last month, we raised $157 for Mid-Mitten Homemade.

SoupGrant is powered by your donations. Your $5 donation at the door secures you a vote for the community-based project of your choice.

Together, our donations create a micro-grant which is awarded at the end of the night to the project with the most votes!

The money we award will help bring their project one step closer to reality.

Voting on a winner for the #SGL logo makeover

This month we’ll not only vote on a community project, we’ll also vote on our new logo!

If you forget your favorite entry or still haven’t made up your mind, that’s no problem. All 10 will be on display the night of the contest.

Voting will occur over two rounds. In the first round, all 10 of our contestants will compete. Then, our top three entries will go into a deciding round. Whichever comes out with the higher score after the second round will be our winner and take home the $100 prize!

On top of the $100 prize, we’re also adding $50 to the pot for any modifications we might need to request now or in the future, bringing the grand total to $150.

No matter who wins the contest, we know that we’re getting a great design!

Where’s the prize money coming from?

At the same time as we’ve been collecting submissions for our logo makeover, we’ve also had a fundraising campaign going on Indiegogo. We raised $330 to fund the prize money as well as sustain SGL through 2014 as need dictates – printing posters, gas money for volunteers, supplies to make soup, etc. Indiegogo keeps about 10 percent of the money, meaning we ended up with a little under $300.

If you’re on Facebook, please RSVP so that we have a better idea of how many people to expect!

See you on the 20th!

What? SoupGrant

When? March 20 6.30 – 8.30

Where? Grace Lutheran ELCA on MLK and Saginaw

Cost? $5

BYOB – bring your own bowl! (And spoon.)

Mark Burkholder

Today is the day! Our final #SGL logo submission! This one comes to us from Mark Burkholder of Lansing. If you like what you’ve seen in our top 10 finalists these past two weeks, be sure to join us at SoupGrant on March 20 to vote on your favorite! We’ll be awarding $100 to the winner.

About the designer: I grew up in Lansing and attended Lansing Catholic High School. I earned a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design from South Dakota Sate University. I am currently living in Lansing and I enjoy helping people whenever I can.

Burkholder Poster Burkholder Logo

If you’d like to connect with Mark, check out his website.

Indiegogo campaign a success

We want to send out a massive thank you to everyone who supported SoupGrant’s Indiegogo fundraiser!

We set out with an ambitious goal of $500 and here we are, two months later, with $330 on hand as of the campaign’s conclusion on March 9. This is all thanks to your efforts – and not just the folks who donated, but also everyone who shared what we’re doing with friends and family. We can’t thank you enough!

Now what?

We’ll be awarding $100 to our logo makeover winner on March 20 and setting aside another $50 for any redesigns that may be necessary in the future.

The rest of the money will primarily be going towards purchasing supplies for our dinners throughout the rest of 2014.

What if I still want to give money to support SoupGrant?

We’re a small team of three people with limited resources putting together a dinner every month, so we still welcome your support. If you would be interested in making a donation, please contact us at soupgrantlansing@gmail.com.

T. Joel Nys

We’re nearly there! Today’s submission means we’ve only got two more to go before we round out the top 10. Voting is next Thursday (March 20) at SoupGrant. More details will be appearing very soon.

Today’s submission comes to us from T. Joel Nys of Grass Lake (between Jackson and Ann Arbor).

About the designer: I am a recent graduate with a degree in graphic design. Although I did not grow up in the area, I have become quite fond of Lansing and would like to positively impact the community using my design talents.

About the submission: For the logo design I combined the literal with the figurative. I wanted to highlight thought, creativity, and innovation. I also wanted to give the logo a hand drawn feel to represent accessibility, and community. I created a logo that can stand alone or work with the logotype, so that it can be used across many different mediums.

T Joel Nys Poster

T Joel Nys Logo

Want to be in touch with T. Joel Nys? Check out his website. You can also find him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Sophia Perry

It’s Monday morning and that means it’s time to take a look at our 6th submission in our logo makeover contest. We’ll round out the final 10 later this week. Join us on March 20 for SoupGrant to vote on your favorite! We’ll have event details up shortly.

Today’s submission is from Sophia of Mason.

About the designer: I’m currently attending Lansing Community College and am in my third year working towards an associates degree in Graphic Design. I have a four month old son at home and I love to draw and watch animated movies.

Logo PosterTo see more of Sophia’s work, check out her portfolio!

Kaylee Foster

Here’s our fourth entry in the SoupGrant Lansing logo redesign contest! This submission comes courtesy of Kaylee Foster of East Lansing.

About the designer: My name is Kaylee Foster I am a recent college graduate with a BA in Graphic Design. I live in East Lansing as a photographer at JCP Portraits and a Freelance Graphic Artist.

About the submission: I have created a poster and logo design for SoupGrant inspired by the fun and friendly experience people can enjoy at SoupGrant events. I wanted to make a modern but whimsical style to attract the community to each event.

Kaylee Foster Poster

If you’d like to see more of Kaylee’s work, check out her website!

See you on the 20th, everyone!

SGL Contest Update

The SoupGrant team will be meeting early next week to decide on our final 10 contenders in the SGL logo/poster makeover!
If your design has been chosen, we’ll contact you and let you know by the middle of next week, so be on the lookout!
Get ready to say goodbye to our old Microsoft Paint logo!
Get ready to say goodbye to our old Microsoft Paint logo!
Beginning March 3rd, we will start posting the final 10 online one at a time leading up to our March SoupGrant dinner.

SGL Makeover Deadline Feb 20

Bad news, good news.

Bad news: It’s Monday.

Good news: February SOUP is only a week and a half away!

We have a couple quick announcements for you.

  1. We are announcing that the deadline for our SGL Logo/Poster Makeover has been moved to February 20, the date of our next SoupGrant dinner, in order for the SGL team to have enough time to deliberate on the final selection and then to prepare for our March SoupGrant when all 10 will be on display and voted on. We couldn’t have predicted the incredible response that we’ve gotten and we can’t wait to show off your work! We will begin posting entries here on the SGL website beginning the first week of March in the lead-up to SoupGrant on March 20. In the mean time, be sure to spread the word about our Indiegogo campaign! The more money we raise, the more we give away!
  2. We are also happy to announce that Advent House’s Susan Cancro will be joining us at our Feb 20 SoupGrant dinner to accept our backpack donations! Advent House has been an important positive force combating homelessness and poverty in Lansing for decades and we’re honored at this opportunity. Be sure to bring in some granola or nutrition bars, toiletries, a gently-used backpack, or winter clothes item for project on Feb 20! Click here for a more complete list.

See you soon, everyone!