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Re: Indiegogo Fundraiser

For those of you who weren’t with us at our June SoupGrant, we wanted to give you a quick rundown of how we’ve used the $330 raised in our Indiegogo campaign at the beginning of 2014.

  • $150 awarded to Kaylee Fischer, the winner of our SoupGrant logo redesign contest
  • $50 to offset costs for our soup chef, Terry
  • $50 to print bumper stickers with local printer, Nudge Printing
  • $30 was deducted from our total in fees for Indiegogo
  • $10 in printing costs
  • $10 buying volunteers coffee

This leaves us…

  • $30

We will be replenishing our coffers through donations raised with our bumper stickers. If you would like one, we suggest a $5 donation. They can be picked up every month at SoupGrant. To continue supporting Kaylee, who has been wonderful to us ever since the end of the logo contest, we will be giving $1 from every $5 raised back to her as a small way of continuing to say thank you.

SoupGrant is as grassroots as it gets and we can’t thank you enough for your support! We couldn’t do it without you, and so we want to be accountable to you in how we invest our money.

If you are interested in making a donation to SoupGrant, send us an e-mail at SoupGrantLansing@gmail.com.

Congrats to Edgewood Village, and logo redesign winner Kaylee Foster

We had our biggest crowd ever on Thursday night! We filled the basement of Grace Lutheran up to capacity – and apparently the parking lot, too!

(Apologies to the folks trying to attend choir practice – we’ll try to be more conscientious in the future!)

At the last minute, Grammie’s Goodies was forced to drop out of the micro-grant competition because of sickness, but we had another great proposal come forward from Tali at NorthWest Initiative for Global Youth Service Day. Here’s a snippet to give you a small idea of her proposal:

To celebrate the Global Youth Service Day, NorthWest Initiative will be hosting a day of cleanup and beautification for our school and community gardens. We have recruited over 30 youth, ages 12-25, along with some adults, to volunteer their time and efforts into ensuring we have a successful year of gardening! Activities will include weeding, constructing raised beds out of cinderblocks, painting signs, painting cinderblocks, constructing compost bins, and more.

Tali went up against Edgewood Village of East Lansing, a low-income senior housing center, which was asking for money to help take their residents on day trips in the Lansing area to events like Michigan State sporting events.

Edgewood Village came out the winner after the vote and got to take home a grant of $259! We’re looking forward to hearing back from Heather about how the money gets used – and to hear how the residents at Edgewood enjoy their outings around town!

We also had voting on our logo redesign contest! Our 10 finalists went up against one another in the first round of voting with submissions from Spencer DuMond of Holt, Sarah Snyder of Lansing, and Kaylee Foster of East Lansing taking the top three places.

The second round of voting was extremely close; Kaylee pulled off a very narrow victory over Spencer. As the winner, Kaylee took home $150 – about half the money we were able to raise with our Indiegogo campaign!

New Logo

We’ve said it a few times now, but we are extremely grateful to all of our contestants for submitting, and sharing their work with all of us. We wish each of you the best going forward and hope to have you back at SoupGrant in the future!

Our next SoupGrant is coming up on April 24 – a week later than usual because of Easter and activities already planned at Grace Lutheran Church. Once May rolls around, we’ll be back to meeting on the third Thursday of the month!