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Our next SoupGrant is already upon us! It snuck up just as fast as this beautiful, cool fall weather – and you know what goes well with cool fall weather? You guessed it! Soup!

As usual, Soup Master Terry is hard at work making delicious soup for us. This week’s menu includes:

  • Black bean soup (vegan)
  • Carrot coriander
  • Cauliflower chowder
  • Kale orzo soup
  • Mystery soup

Thursday night is also going to be jam-packed with some great presentations.

First, we’re thrilled to have past winner Mid-Mitten Homemade back with us! Danielle, the founder of the group, has been a tremendous friend to us at SoupGrant and is always up to something new and exciting. MMH won our February SoupGrant and we’ve been trying hard to get them back ever since!

Danielle explains Mid-Mitten Homemade at our February SoupGrant.
Danielle explains Mid-Mitten Homemade at our February SoupGrant.

Then we’ve got a great pair of presenters who will be competing for this month’s SoupGrant: the Lansing Area AIDS Network and second year students from an Agricultural Food and Natural Resources program just north of Lansing in Clinton County.

Here’s a quick word about LAAN:

LAAN was established in 1985 by a group of dedicated volunteers, to meet community needs arising from HIV/AIDS. LAAN dedicated itself to the delivery of services and programs to meet the needs of those living with HIV and AIDS. This included programs to help prevent the further spread of HIV. LAAN also established its purpose: to respond effectively, knowledgeably and compassionately to the challenges brought about by the AIDS pandemic. Since its inception, LAAN has focused on the provision of services to people living with HIV/AIDS and those at greatest risk of infection. The Food Pantry program has been part of the services provided by LAAN since its origins and a program for which the agency is quite proud.

If LAAN wins, how will they use the money?

Any funds secured through the SoupGrant program will be used to assist in providing critically needed personal care items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soaps in the Food Pantry. The items can not be purchased with other funding.

And here’s some more info about our second presenter, the Agricultural Food and Natural Resources program:

We are the second year students in a Agriculture Food and Natural Resources Program in Clinton County. We joined the second year of the program so that we could learn about Agribusiness and Leadership and participate in an internship experience. We are excited to learn about entrepreneurship through a real experience and we are all striving to strike it rich in this business so that our college is paid for!

If the Agricultural Food and Natural Resources program wins, how will they use the money?

We need some money for start-up costs. Specifically we need money to purchase supplies to add value to the products we already have to sell. We want to make pesto and gourmet cooking oils. We grew our own basil and herbs, but we need money to buy other ingredients (such as olive oil and parmesan cheese) and some equipment such as a food processor.

We are so thrilled to have these two great contestants joining us Thursday night. Come by and hear more from them while you enjoy a delicious bowl of homemade soup! Your $5 donation secures a vote for the project of your choice. At the end of the night, the project with the most votes will take home the money we collect as our SoupGrant!

Where? 528 N. MLK (Grace Lutheran ELCA)
How much?
Dinner is free; 1 vote = (suggested) donation of $5
When? Thursday, October 16

6.30 – Doors
7.15 – Presentations begin
7.30 – Voting opens
7.45 – Winner announced

Don’t forget. SoupGrant is BYOB – bring your own bowl! 

To RSVP and for all the latest info, join our Facebook event page!

Feb 20 SoupGrant Winner

We would like to congratulate Mid-Mitten Homemade on winning our February SoupGrant!

With around 40 attendees, we had our largest crowd ever, raising a total of $157 to go towards lawyer fees for Mid-Mitten Homemade as they try to acquire 501c status.

Danielle from Mid-Mitten Homemade
Danielle from Mid-Mitten Homemade

Advent House and Grammies Goodies made it a very close contest. We’re very pleased to announce that Grammies Goodies will be back in March at our next SoupGrant! (And we’re hoping for more goodies, too! They were delicious!)

If you can’t wait that long for more delicious treats, go check out the Bath Township Farmers Market – where you can find Grammies Goodies every Thursday from 3-6. During the winter the market is at the Bath Township Community Center off Park Lake Road.

The SGL team will be meeting this Tuesday to make final decisions on the 10 final contestants in our logo makeover – it’s going to be a tough call! We’ve gotten so many good submissions and we’re excited to share them with you. Be on the lookout. You’ll see them here beginning March 3.

Feb 20 Presenters

We have three presenters lined up for Feb 20 #SoupGrant!

1. First up is Mid-Mitten Homemade, a new organization “that provides food skills and knowledge through hands-on practice.” MMH aims to bring knowledge and skills to the community through hands-on classes and by bringing talented people in to share their expertise.

How will MMH use the money if they win?

MMH provided us four goals they hope to achieve:

-Complete 501c non-profit status and begin hands-on cooking classes.
-Work with refuge services to help hone skills to share with the community.
-Work with immigrants to help bring their skills to Mid-Michigan.
-Begin a scholarship program for those unable to afford class fees.

2. Advent House, a long-time staple in the Lansing community, offers assistance for those wrestling with homelessness and poverty by providing “food, shelter, education, and employment assistance.”

How will Advent House use the money if they win?

If AH wins the micro-grant, they will use the money to support an Easter Holiday Celebration. More specifically, the money will go towards “food, crafts, and prizes… for our children’s programming offered on weekends during our Weekend Day Shelter Program.” The Weekend Day Shelter Program is one-of-a-kind in the Lansing area, since they are the only organization to offer three meals a day and “a safe place for at-risk individuals and families” every single weekend throughout the year.

3. Grammies Goodies is a regular over at Bath Township Farmers Market since August of 2013! This Grammie to seven – soon to be eight, we’re told – bakes bread, cakes, cookies, pies, sweet breads and more! While she has been doing this on the side for a while, Linette (aka Grammie), would like to go into baking full-time and open her own bakery/restaurant!

How will Grammies Goodies use the money if they win?

Grammie says, “The money will be used for equipment like pans, mixer bowls and beaters, plus the rental of a licensed kitchen.” As already mentioned, Grammie hopes to open her own bakery where she will serve sandwiches made on homemade bread, soups in homemade bread bowls and, of course, homemade desserts.

That’s just a preview! You’ll be sure to hear a lot more from our presenters next Thursday, Feb. 20, so join us at Grace Lutheran ELCA 6.30 – 8.30!

$5 donation at the door to go towards the micro-grant. Bring your own bowl & spoon! And, while you’re at it, bring a friend!

See you next week, Lansing!