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Come meet our September presenters!

Fall is here, and we’re getting ready to kick off our fourth season here at SoupGrant! We can’t wait to meet our presenters on Thursday, but before we hear from them, here’s a brief intro to their work in the Lansing community.

Young Entrepreneurs Academy


Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) is an after-school program whose aim is to transform local high school students into real, confident entrepreneurs. Students generate ideas, conduct research, write plans, and pitch to investors to launch their own companies. If YEA! wins this month’s grant, they’ll put the funds toward student registration fees. For more info on YEA!, check out their website.

Lettuce Live Well


We heard from Lettuce Live Well in June, and they’re back to compete again. Lettuce believes that nutrition education should be free and accessible for all people. They run guided supermarket tours and one-on-on nutrition coaching to make Lansing a healthier city. This month’s grant would help Lettuce fund their grocery store tours and give resources directly back to the community. To learn more about Lettuce Live Well, visit their site here.

We look forward to seeing you this Thursday at 6:30! Don’t forget your bowl and spoon!

Meet our June SoupGrant Presenters!

Lettuce Live Well


Lettuce Live Well is a nonprofit established on the principle that nutrition education should be free for everyone. The organization offers free, 90-minute guided grocery store tours led by nutritional coaches, during which participants are given information on shopping for health and affordability. The founders of Lettuce Live Well hope to foster a healthier community by teaching Lansing residents that eating healthfully can be both easy and wallet-friendly. If they were to win this month’s SoupGrant, Lettuce Live Well would return the funds to their participants. The money would be used to purchase reusable grocery bags, recipe and information booklets, and $10 gift cards to the participating grocery store. To learn more about Lettuce Live Well, visit their website.

Lansing Track Club

Lansing Track Club

The Lansing Area Track club is a nonprofit organization that offers sports to families in south Lansing. Their hope is to reach those who are single parents, have multiple children, or simply cannot afford to allow their children to participate in sports, and make those activities accessible to them. Through participation in the Lansing Track Club, kids learn the importance of team-building and physical activity in a safe, fun environment. If the Lansing Track Club is awarded the June grant, they will put the money toward team uniforms and transportation assistance for working parents. For more information on the Track Club, you can visit their Facebook page here.

Birthday Soup Contenders: Food Systems Project

Our 1st Annual Birthday Soup is fast approaching! SoupGrant Lansing will be celebrating turning a year old before you know it!

As we talked about marking our birthday, we decided that we would like to bring back some past winners. We regularly try to bring back past winners to talk about what they have been able to accomplish since winning SoupGrant, but we wanted to take it a step further by giving them the chance to compete for a second SoupGrant. Back in June, we sent out e-mails, and Tweets and Facebook posts letting past winners know that they could re-apply. We had decided to limit the number of contestants to three and we received word from three past winners letting us know that they were interested!

As we approach August 21, we want to take a look at our returning contestants. This week, the spotlight will be on The Food Systems Project, our June ’14 winner. Next week we will take a closer look at D.A.N.C.E. and Aliza’s garden project.

The SGL team (Heather, Joel, and Terry) with June winner, Terra
The SGL team (Heather, Joel, and Terry) with June winner, Terra

The Food Systems Project – Terra

Describe your project.

FSP: The Food Systems Project is a school-garden based nutrition education program that provides classroom lessons, an after-school program, and a summer garden camp for youth ages 5-12.

How will you use the money from your SoupGrant?

FSP: The funds will be used to help pay for an Americorps member for our program to help build capacity and create a more sustainable program that can grow and thrive.

Food Systems Project

Why is this project important?

FSP: This program provides nutrition education classes and school-garden based education to over 1,000 students and over 50 classrooms in Lansing each year.

What is the time frame for your project? Who/how will you be accountable? 

FSP: We are fundraising in order to have an Americorps member at our program, which would be infinitely beneficial to the program. All funds raised will go towards this expense. We will update you via e-mail on how things are growing!

Tell us about yourself!

FSP: Our program was started in 2005 and continues to grow. We are a small team with a big vision, big mission, and big hearts!


Holiday SOUP in the Capital

We had a great turnout tonight at our Dec. 19 SOUP!

Congratulations are due to Rachel from Ingham Pathways to Better Health/NorthWest Initiative. She took home $140 to help low-income residents in Lansing secure health supplements and vitamins that aren’t covered by insurance programs.

We’re looking forward to hearing back from her in January to see how things are going!


Thank you to everyone who came out to support SoupGrant Lansing and our Lansing community.

Happy holidays & merry Christmas from the #SGL team.

See you in January!